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Knitting Reviews

Quality, not quantity

Knitting Review
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All Members , Moderated
This is a community where you can post your knitting related reviews. This includes:

  • Knitting Books

  • Knitting Yarns

  • Knitting Communities

  • Knitting Websites

  • Knitting Stores


  • Do not promote your own personal business.

  • All reviews MUST be in form of a proper critique. Guidelines posted below.

  • If at all possible, link to the place/item/site that you're reviewing.

  • Spelling and grammar is enforced. A minor typo is forgiveable. Speling liek thiss is NOT acceptable. Most LJ satellites like Semagic do have spell-checks. Or just type it up on a Word Document first and hit the spell-check button.

  • Check The Memories First! If there is already an existing review on what you plan on reviewing and you have additional information, add a comment to the post.

  • Please mind your manners. Flame threads will be frozen and deleted as soon as one of the mods see it.

  • Requests for reviews will be tolerated only AFTER the Memories are checked first.

  • No crossposting to any of the other knitting communities.

  • Please use the scale (see below) in the Subject Line of the post.

All violating posts will be promptly deleted.

How to write a good critique
(Now this is how I like to get 'em, so this isn't law, per se, but consider them pretty strict guidelines).

1. The Good: What did you like about it? Why did you like it? What would you recommend?

2. The Bad: What didn't you like about it? Why did you dislike it? Anything in particular we should be aware of?

3. The Conclusion: Overall, what would you give it on a scale of 1-10, 10 being PERFECT! and 1 being NEVER AGAIN!. The scale is not optional, please give it a rating.